What is a Blog? What is Blogging? A Guide For Beginners

What is a Blog? What is Blogging? A Guide For Beginners
Written by Amir Hussain

What is a Blog or Blogging?

Let’s start with the question, what is a blog or what is blogging?

The word blog is short for web-log.  It is basically a website that is frequently updated with entries of commentary descriptions of events and other materials such as graphics and videos.

A blog website is usually run by a single individual known as a blogger. These websites are kept up to date with frequent updates about any topic that bloggers wish.

Blogs are not just for people who share their personal lives on the internet, through blogging about one’s romantic life is a hobby for some.

Why Blogging?

There are other ways to run a blog, all of which can be made profitable.

But Wait,

This is not the only way to blog. A lot of major companies use blogs for promoting their businesses.

What To Blog About?

Now, do you have to talk about yourself in a blog?


You can blog about really anything you want. It’s your blog, you never even have to mention your name if you don’t want to but it is smart to tell people who you are and why they should listen to you.

People tend to listen better and give more respect if they have a name to follow. You don’t even have to leave a real name if you don’t want to.

Tons of internet marketers make up fake pen names for their websites and products. It’s nice though to leave at least a little bit of a biography so viewers know who they are listening to.

Building trust with your readers is important to keep them coming back to your blog.

So what should you blog about?

There really is no limit. Just find a topic that interests you. There are many niches out there to get into blogging about and there are tons of goldmine niches out there.

How To Choose A Niche For Blogging?

What To Blog About?

What To Blog About?

I made this little chart if you need a few ideas، but this is really only a small portion of the huge web of topics you can choose from.

Let’s take an example,

Say, you’re into electronics and really know a lot about computers. You might want to make a whole blog about computers like:

  • Which ones are the best computers?
  • What software to get?
  • How to build computers?
  • What components are the best?

Or if you’re one of those Big Apple fans out there you can have a whole blog devoted to Apple products.

A lot of people have media blogs where they rate and review movies or TV shows, music, anything on the news. You can have a blog about any sport or any specific games you like to play.

I mean,

I love video games I’ve got a blog up all about video games.

There’s really tons of topics you can choose from. Find one that you’re interested in and would have no trouble posting information about.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Talk about stuff that you’re actually interested in sharing, news and or your opinions with the world and being able to profit off of it.


How Do You Start?

It’s simple really if you want to start blogging for free, just to start a hobby, go over to and sign up for a free membership.

But before I get you all excited about this free membership thing, I have to point out some of the limitations with it.

  • You’ll be stuck with a long WordPress provided domain name which will look like this making it hard to brand yourself.
  • You must stick with WordPress’s provided themes, no custom or commercial themes are allowed.
  • Also, you can’t use all the awesome plugins that are available.
  • You can’t monetize or sell ad space to make money with on your blog.
  • You’ll have to follow rules so they will be the boss of your site and not you.

But using free hosting is great for beginners who really don’t wish to spend any money to begin blogging.

But they do start charging fees for extra features and money-making opportunities which will make self-hosting cheaper later on.

What is Hosting Server?

It’s is really simple to become your own boss and have all the freedom you want.

You’ll need a server to host your blog and a server is basically a computer that has all of your website on it and running 24/7 so that viewers can go to your blog whenever they want.

You can either use your own personal server if you have one and have the internet running 24/7 or can buy hosting space with hosting providers like BlueHost, Hostgator or GoDaddy.

But don’t be afraid.

Hosting nowadays is very cheap and you can have Hostgator to host your blog website for under 4 bucks a month and that’s as cheap as a latte at Starbucks.

How To Install WordPress?

Next, you grab the WordPress code and load it on to the server creating your blog quick and simple.

You can do this manually by transferring the files with a free FTP software like FileZilla or you could use the simple one-click install feature provided by most hosting companies.

Installing WordPress with Hostgator is effortless.

What is Domain Name?

Now to give your blog an address, domain names give you your own personal space on the web and allow people to easily locate and visit your blog.

Wrapping UP:

Start branding your blogs name and build your popularity.

To start getting natural word-of-mouth traffic to your blog. The money engine guide is coming soon to help you build your blog and show even the most noobish creative minds the steps to doing.

So to make money from it by gathering hungry viewers to your blog website just SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss that guide.

You can ask anything about BLOGS and BLOGGING in the comments below or even you can share your ideas about blogging here.

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