Blogger VS WordPress – Which Blogging Platform To Choose?

Blogger VS WordPress - Which Blogging Platform To Choose
Written by Amir Hussain

There are many blogging platforms out there. Blogger and WordPress are two top blogging platforms on that list. Choosing from that two blogging platforms is a bit tough task for the beginners.

So, what’s the best choice to start a new blog. blogger or

Both of them has some advantages. Both have disadvantages and almost completely different as far as which has the advantages in one area which has the disadvantages in another. Both of them do very well though in search engines.

So they’re a great opportunity if you’re just thinking about doing a blog and not sure you want to pay for your own hosting and domain name yet. Also good for getting backlinks to a blog that you’re thinking about doing in the future. So it’s a great way to get started let’s take a quick look at blogger and

Blogger VS WordPress – Which Blogging Platform To Choose?


1. WordPress

I started using WordPress about three years ago and have worked with that platform for a handful of clients that have built websites for them. WordPress has tons of customizable templates that you can purchase or also for free which is great.

There’s one big difference I wanted to point out with WordPress., which is where you use free templates. They also host the site for you but give you a limit on how many images you can upload. Then there’s also where you can use your own template. You can buy templates and install those but you need to purchase hosting space on a site like Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy etc.

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Another benefit I found with is that you can name your blog with your own brand name. So, for example, is actually a WordPress site and functions as a blog. So, I can get google rankings through that as a single unit which is great.

Is there a hosting fee for that to have your company’s name on WordPress? No, you need to buy that URL from or any other domain name providing company.

Another benefit of WordPress is that they just have tons of plugins that you can use. So, you don’t really need to understand or know how to do any HTML coding or development. Instead, you can just go through the list of plugins and see how they’re ranked, click install and it installs it on your blog.

So for example,

We have an easy way to add contact forms where people can email you directly. You can also add things like ad space, search bar etc. that really makes WordPress easy for certainly my clients to use and perform their own updates on their website once the site is still in design. A lot of my clients are also on blogger and are considering moving over to WordPress.

2. Blogger

I started on blogger many years ago and my first blog on Blogspot was my own portfolio. Blogspot provides free hosting and you don’t have to pay anything for that. I bought a domain. It was still through blogger but paying 10 bucks a year. So I did that with blogger.

They have a ton of free templates that you can actually customize if you know HTML. I basically spend money through graphic designers to build, to customize it as per my needs.

So if you are looking to start a blog through blogger that’s not how it’s going to look like. I’m just saying that it’s customizable and you need to know the HTML. But you can spend money for that.

Blogger has the advantage.

Blogger doesn’t charge you to be able to edit the theme at all. You don’t have as many default themes to choose from with blogger. There’s only like ten or eleven here but you can change the look of them pretty quickly. You can change the background on them.

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You can change the layout and how the page is kind of laid out and then you can even go further and change the fonts, the color and everything on it on individual parts of the blog.

The other nice thing is, blogger has gadgets were WordPress has widgets. I don’t know exactly what all the gadgets are that you can choose from. So, I’m not an expert very much on blogger I admit that.

Where bloggers fall short is on their editor.

It’s pretty lousy for formatting your text. You’ve got small, smallest, normal, large, largest and that’s just an awful way to format text. If you want something a little bigger or make something into a title it just doesn’t work very well. It’s just an ugly way to do things and I don’t know why blogger doesn’t do that.

The other advantage blogger has is that blogger almost encourages you to run ads they wanted so by Google they’d love if to put their Adsense ads on your blog. So they kind of encouraged ads.

WordPress does pretty much mentions most add services and advertisers by name and says don’t use them so you pretty much don’t. If you want to make money, blogger is probably the better way to go if you’re looking for something that’s fun and easy to do.

There is a ton of good things about the Blogger if you were just mainly using it to blog. If you have a business and you want to feature your products and your business to it and connect it to your website you know put it on the root of the website. I don’t think it’s the best platform out there for blogging.

Which one has e-commerce functionality?

WordPress has e-commerce functionality so you can have a cart to shopping on your WordPress site which is really helpful for folks that are selling products.

Wrapping Up

So if you guys are thinking of switching from blogger to WordPress like I am currently thinking I will post the complete guide in one two three steps that you can take to do that yourself.

So that’s it. If you have any questions, do let me know and I’ll try to address them either by commenting back to you or reaching you through email or maybe on another post that I might do.

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