About Blogrip.org

Blogrip.org is basically a startup for those who want to start the blogging. On blogrip.org you can learn the basics of blogging and how to become successful in the field of blogging also. Blogrip.org provides the easy and worthy content for its readers to get success.

Here you will learn each step for how you can make your blog profitable. Blogrip.org helps its readers to start from scratch and teach each and every step of blogging, like what is blogging, how to start blogging, how to set up a website on blogger or WordPress, how to find your niche, how to do SEO of your content and how to avoid shortcuts that you find on the internet because it will ruin your blogging journey before the start.

Blogrip.org is working to make people successful by providing the 100% legit ways of blogging and its content is helpful either you are a newbie or you are already a blogger.


As a blogger, I faced many difficulties when I start my blogging journey. I was desperate because all the material that I followed was shortcuts and I failed each time. Then I start to learn on my own by looking into the things related to blogging that how these works and that was the start of my successful blogging life. Then I founded Blogrip.org to help other people because I don’t want others to fail and also not to follow the shortcuts. Blogrip.org is a complete solution to learn the blogging and all its subfields.


Blogrip.org’s vision is to enable all those people in the blogging who want to start it for their passion or for their company or if they want to make a profit of it. Free education for all is Blogrip.org’s first priority and it will stick to it.

About Author:

I am Amir Hussain, a Professional Blogger, Software Engineer, an Entrepreneur And Affiliate Marketer. I am the founder of FreemiumWorld.com and Blogrip.org. I love to write about technology trends, social media, blogging and much more.

I started blogging at 4 years ago and now I decided to help other bloggers to make their journey successful in the field of blogging and affiliate marketing.

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